Frequently Asked Questions

1. Bahrain Public Shareholding Companies – B.S.C.

2. Bahrain Shareholding Companies (closed) – B.S.C.(c)

3. With Limited Liability (W.L.L.) Companies.

4. Single Person Companies (S.P.C.)

5. Partnership companies

6. Sole Proprietorship Establishments

7. Branches of Foreign companies 

There more than 350 activities such as manufacturing, Information Technology, consultancy etc., which the foreigners are allowed to be own 100% in the and such other activities.


For small operations, the most preferred are Single Person Company (SPC) for a sole investor and a With Limited Liability (WLL) Company for two or more investors.

Certain activities may not be permitted for SPC or WLL, especially where public funds are involved. In such cases Joint Stock (closed) companies would be the option.

Ideally two to three weeks subject to availability of all the required information and the required approvals from the authorities.

Yes, if he has a residence permit in Bahrain.

Yes, if it has a commercial registration in Bahrain.

Yes, subject to complying with the Bahrain requirements for those activities.

In the case of Single Person Company and With Limited Liabilities companies, the capital requirements are nominal. The investors may decide the share capital depending on their need.

No. The capital can be used for the company’s purposes after completion of the incorporation procedures.

There is no personal income tax in Bahrain. Most of the commercial activities also do not attract income tax.

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